Not every property needs the “works”. Sometimes, just a few photos or video clips are enough. Our drive-by droning model allows you to choose from many photos and/or video clips of the property, and simply purchase the ones you want to use! We schedule our drive-by jobs once a week, which eliminates travel charges and keeps the cost down for our clients.

Please contact us to get on our schedule.



Some properties demand a little more attention. Picking the best weather day and taking a little more time in the air can cost a little more, but the results are well worth it! We can provide both video editing and photo enhancement services, which will ultimately produce a more polished product. Our graphics team can turn ordinary drone photos into extraordinary aerial marketing pieces.


Commercial Property

Big acreage properties are what we do best! Big air tells the story of big property, and our custom representation of the footage commands attention. Our one-page website solution presents large properties simply, but brilliantly. We focus on presentation and search engine optimization of the page. We even provide a weekly report showing traffic statistics, so you know how well your advertising and marketing efforts are working!